Kate MccGwire, Juliette Losq, Jayne Anita Smith @ Coates and Scarry

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Kate MccGwire, Juliette Losq and Jayne Anita Smith  – Complicit

Coates and Scarry

Until 4 August 2015

Juliette Losq "Ask and Embla"

Juliette Losq – “Ask and Embla”


“An oscillation between beauty and tainted beauty lies at the heart of Complicit. The places where these seemingly opposite categories overlap or blur are explored in new and recent works by Kate MccGwire, Juliette Losq and Jayne Anita Smith, wherein a strange sense of attraction and abjection is navigated. The artists’ two and three-dimensional pieces hover in these in-between, liminal spaces, on the borders or thresholds of contrasting ideas. This approach opens up each artist’s practice to possibilities and interpretations.”


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